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What to NEVER do to dispose of grease?

         NEVER pour oil and grease down the drain.

         NEVER put food scraps down the drain even in the garbage disposal.

         NEVER run water (hot or cold) over dishes, pans, fryers and griddles to                       wash oil and grease down the drain.

What to ALWAYS do to properly dispose of water and grease?

          ALWAYS put oil and grease in a covered collection container

          ALWAYS scrape food scraps into trash cans and/or garbage bags and                            dispose of properly. Avoid using the garbage disposal.

          ALWAYS remove oil and grease from dishes, pans, fryers and griddles                          the  proper way. Cool first, then wipe or scrape off excess grease                          and dispose of properly prior to washing.

           ALWAYS cover sink drain with catch basket and empty into garbage can                      as needed.